Due to air pollution extra income is generated for all owners of self-service car washes, but their clients feel a great relief: The new trend is slowly but surely making its way to the market. InoWash solution represents a new dryer consisting of different designs and power that can be mounted on a wall, ceiling or in the technical room. The drier is used exclusively for the drying of cars or motorcycles.

Vacuum Cleaners

Efficiency, reliability, security and ease of use are the main factors when choosing a professional product. Based on these standards, InoWash has based its line of professional vacuum cleaners for dry and wet vacuuming with 1 or 2 motors which have distinct strengths and filters of various degrees of filtration depending on the application of the vacuum cleaner. In addition to conventional vacuums, vacuum cleaners with more work areas, a central operating unit and devices for deep cleaning and vacuuming are being offered.

Trash Cans

Trash cans are an integral part of self-service car washes. They come in different forms and functions, and are produced from stainless steel, aluminum and galvanized sheet with a coating in the desired colors.